St. Thomas' Episcopal Church
Hacienda Heights

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United in our diversity, we follow Jesus.
Gathered in communion, we worship together.
Led by the Holy Spirit, we share the Gospel
and reach out to others in love.

多元合一於主基督 同心聚集來敬拜主
聖靈引領分享福音 主愛交流向外拓展
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Canon Serena Beeks shepherds diocesan schools with expert insight, wise counsel and roguish humor

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Episcopal Church releases racial audit of leadership, citing nine patterns of racism in church culture

By David Paulsen, Posted April 19, 2021

Statement on Derek Chauvin murder conviction from Bishop John Harvey Taylor

By John Harvey Taylor, Posted April 20, 2021

NO In-Person Sunday Service or Any Other Gathering at St. Thomas Church until further notice due to the Rapid Spread of Coronavirus

Instead, our Sunday Worship is replaced by the Live-Streaming Sunday Prayer Service on Facebook at 10:00 AM.

If you have a Facebook account, please join the group "St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Hacienda Heights, CA." To view the live-streaming service, just go to the group page on Sundays, 10:00 AM.
如果您有臉書帳號,只要先加入聖多馬堂群組,然後在每主日上午10:00 進入群組,就能立即觀賞線上崇拜。

In addition, we continue to have the 06:30 Evening Prayer service every other Wednesday online through Facebook.
此外,我們每隔週三繼續有06:30 晚禱於臉書直播。

To join the live-streaming Evening Prayer service, just go to St. Thomas' group page on Facebook at the scheduled time, and you’ll be able to join us online.

                                                   Vicar's Word     張牧師的話

It is very difficult for me to announce here that all the in-person worship services and all non-essential meetings have been temporarily suspended at St. Thomas' until further notice due to the coronavirus outbreak. This decision is to protect the physical health of our brothers and sisters, especially those above 65 or with a serious underlying health condition (see The President's Coronavirus Guidelines for America).

Amid such a virus crisis, I would especially like to remind you to begin and end each day with the Word of God and a prayer for yourself and those you’re concerned about. This will enable you to align your heart with the heart of our Lord Jesus to avoid being easily distracted or worried by the ongoing turmoil. Meanwhile, keep yourself connected with your sisters and brothers in Christ through prayers, encouraging words by phone/text/email, and continue to look out for one another's wellness by following the guidelines from CDC or other government agencies.

May this time of chaos be turned into a great opportunity for us to walk closer with the Lord daily for His presence, wisdom and comfort!

由於新冠病毒肆虐,聖多馬堂所有主日崇拜及非必要會議都予以暫停,直到進一步的消息公佈。這真是令人難以啟口的宣佈。此決定主要是為保護弟兄姊妹的身體健康,尤其65歲以上或有嚴重潛在健康問題的人 (參看總統給美國的新冠病毒指南)。



By Pat McCaughan, Posted April 7, 2021

News Heading

Centuries of Episcopal Church history on the move as Archives packs up collections for relocation

By Pat McCaughan, Posted Feb 24, 2021