St. Thomas' Episcopal Church
Hacienda Heights

Our Mission


Mission Statement
United in our diversity, we follow Jesus.
Gathered in communion, we worship together.
Led by the Holy Spirit, we share the Gospel and reach out to others in love.

多元合一於主基督  同心聚集來敬拜主
聖靈引領分享福音  主愛交流向外拓展

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Welcoming 歡迎: We are an inclusive Christian faith community welcoming all people regardless of their language or background.

Caring 關懷: We care for the need of every individual member with the love of God so that whoever joins us can always feel at home and a strong sense of belonging.

Nourishing 培養: We have various teaching programs or fellowships to meet the spiritual needs of people of all ages.

Outreaching 外展: We offer space and opportunities for community service so that the love of Christ can reach out to more people in the neighborhood.

Who We Are